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 Birmingham vegan festival will take place on the 28th Match 2020, at Edgbaston Cricket ground, Birmingham.

Room 1

11:00 The plant-based nutrition: how it’s going to change your life

Olivier will present a high-energy, thought-provoking presentation to encourage your audience to adopt new concepts and conquer new challenges. They will be empowered with this powerful knowledge and tools that they can instantly put into practice to enhance their lives.

12:00 We are the last hope.

John has raised animals for food, killed many himself and led animals he raised onto the kill room floor of a slaughterhouse and watched what happens.

Covering many aspects within this talk, animal cruelty stats, our own health, the environment, John explains candidly his own journey into compassionate living and touches upon the spiritual aspect of oneness and how we need to change together to ensure a better world for all life.

An open, honest and candid approach with Q & A’s all the way through, this is one talk that will inspire you to want to change.

13:00 Veganism’s radical roots and possible futures Catherine Oliver (University of Birmingham)

45 mins + questions need more information

14:15 How do we spread the vegan message? The importance of active local groups

Why we need a network of local vegan outreach groups throughout the UK (and, indeed, the world), with such groups in every town, city, and in every suburb of large cities. Why the key to creating such a network is dynamic local leadership and why the involvement of the national pro-vegan organisations in the process is essential. Plus, practical tips on setting up and running a local vegan outreach group.


15:00 The Vegan Flag, The Definition of Veganism, and The Challenges of Veganism Today The main emphasis of it is to encourage contribution towards vegan outreach from all