28th March 2020

Room 1

11:00 The plant-based nutrition: how it’s going to change your life

Olivier will present a high-energy, thought-provoking presentation to encourage your audience to adopt new concepts and conquer new challenges. They will be empowered with this powerful knowledge and tools that they can instantly put into practice to enhance their lives.

12:00 We are the last hope.

John has raised animals for food, killed many himself and led animals he raised onto the kill room floor of a slaughterhouse and watched what happens.

Covering many aspects within this talk, animal cruelty stats, our own health, the environment, John explains candidly his own journey into compassionate living and touches upon the spiritual aspect of oneness and how we need to change together to ensure a better world for all life.

An open, honest and candid approach with Q & A’s all the way through, this is one talk that will inspire you to want to change.

13:00 Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative – Creating a Climate for Change

>Understanding the connection between our consciousness, thoughts and actions, and their impact on the world.

>Living with simplicity.

>Buying compassionately.

>Using economically.

>Learning continuously.

>Sharing generously.

14:15 How do we spread the vegan message? The importance of active local groups

Why we need a network of local vegan outreach groups throughout the UK (and, indeed, the world), with such groups in every town, city, and in every suburb of large cities. Why the key to creating such a network is dynamic local leadership and why the involvement of the national pro-vegan organisations in the process is essential. Plus, practical tips on setting up and running a local vegan outreach group.

15:00 The Vegan Flag, The Definition of Veganism, and The Challenges of Veganism Today

The main emphasis of it is to encourage contribution towards vegan outreach from all


Room 2

11:00 Yoga

 The yoga class will be led by Suzie, founder of Be The Change who teaches a mixture of hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga at Ahimsa Yoga and Well-being and will be providing a taster session which is available to all levels and abilities!

12:00 Bowel Syndrome & Diet

This talk will provide you with an insight into Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. It will be delivered by Maxine Palmer, Registered Dietitian, who’ll give you valuable IBS lifestyle and dietary advice, which includes an introduction to the low FODMAP diet – the most effective dietary treatment for IBS.

 13:00 The Vegan Talk

A plant based diet is one of the healthiest diets on the planet, if it is nutritionally balanced. There are various nutrients such as zinc, iodine, B12 amongst others, which are in limited supply in plant based foods. This talk will be delivered by Maxine Palmer, registered Dietitian, and will address how to achieve nutritional balance in your vegan diet in order to avoid deficiencies.

14:00 Fighting Cancer with a Raw Vegan Diet

In April 2012 Syd was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 mouth cancer and given a prognosis of just 6 months. He was alone with 2 young children aged 14 and 4. He turned raw vegan and fought for his life and eventually got the all-clear-July 27th, 2018.

15:00 Animal Rebellion Plant-Based Future: What, Why, and What’s Next’?

On August 17th, 2019 we declared ourselves in open rebellion against the UK government, whilst occupying Trafalgar Square with 10,000 people. The energy was electric, and this was only the beginning. Over the next few weeks, we reforested Parliament Square as a symbolic act for the burning Amazon rainforest. We spray-painted the Old Bailey, the UK Central Criminal Court, to highlight their gross inaction on the climate emergency. Next, came the Rebellion.

On the 7th of October, 1,500 people took over Smithfields Market, the oldest meat market in the UK, to transform it into a hopeful and joyous vision of a plant-based future. This temporary utopia highlighted the world we want to create, one where animals, farmers and people live together harmoniously whilst respecting planetary boundaries. The reception of Animal Rebellion showed the hunger for a movement that was finally telling the truth about the impact of animal farming and fishing on our planet. We generated national and international news coverage, with Animal Rebellion groups springing up all across the globe. Finally, the elephant in the room was being addressed.

The Animal Rebellion talk takes its audience through animal agriculture and the damage it does do to our planet, to the animals we share the planet it, and discusses the direct action we can take to stand in opposition to these toxic industries.


Childrens Entertainment





11.00   The Great Chicken Mystery


11.45    We’re going on a Bear Hunt


12.30   The Gruffalo Play – Puppet Show


1.15       The Owl & the Pussycat


2.00    We’re going on a Bear Hunt


2.45    The Gruffalo Play – Puppet Show


3.30    Who’s afraid of the Dark?


Colouring table available all day



 Cooking Demonstrations

12:00 Justina Bajorinaite, Roving Chef for Vegetarian for life

13:00 Nick Shrimpton, Birmingham based Restaurant owner of TAMECHU Indo-China Cookhouse

14:00 TBC

15:00 Guyani Gold Dust